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   Pay Per Knit Patterns

Current Pay-Per-Knit patterns

Knitted Hammock

Summer Swing Shell

What does Pay Per Knit Mean?

Pay per knit is an easy and fair way for the knitter to directly reimburse the designer for the time involved in designing, test knitting and publishing original patterns. You are welcome to read and study the pattern to see if it is something you wish to knit..however, if you save or print and knit a PPKP, then the designer asks for reimbursement. You may pay for any PPKP (pay per knit pattern) by PayPal, check or money order.
Suggested fees for pattern usage vary between $1.00-$6.00 
dollars (US funds) depending on value of the pattern to you and is left to your discretion. We ask that you send your payment in a timely fashion, before you forget where you got the pattern<g>


send check, cash or money order to:
Catherine Goodwin

490 Ford Hollow Rd

Hartsville, TN 37074

Or pay conveniently with paypal, by clicking the link below.

 Also, if paying with paypal, please also indicate which pattern you knit, Thank-You!

Customizing Pay Per Knit to Your needs!
Like one of the patterns but need it in a custom size or gauge? Don't want the hassle of adapting it yourself? I can do this for your for a reasonable, negotiated fee (depending on the complexity of your needs) just drop me an email.