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Magic Needle Selector Wand

 A hand held tool designed to select and bring forward the needles that will carry the contrast color(s) in color pattern knitting in a way that reduces tedium and helps to prevent errors in needle selection. Designed for simple knitting machines that do not have built in patterning mechanisms and capabilities (by either computer or punch-card selection) it aids in expanding the range of these basic machines by making it easier for the knitter to keep track of the pattern and the selected needles.
Perfect for Fair Isle knitting, It can also be used for selection and tracking of other patterned knitting, such as tuck, slip and lace patterns, that require a repeat of needle selection across the bed, or for configuration of accurate translation of intarsia patterns from chart to bed.     
     The Needle Selector Wand is hand made of wood and acrylic, with pointed acrylic pegs that ride in the needle slot to push the needles forward or backward.

It comes with a detailed instruction booklet featuring over 140 row charts and over 40 original motifs. Configurable up to a 24 stitch repeat, it can also be used to translate existing punchcard designs, for complex intarsia selection, or even for selection of needles for lace or tuck stitch.

Additional free charts that can be used with the needle wand can be found in the free things section of this website, here.

  • 6.5mm fits Studio LK150
  • 7mm fits Brother KX350, Artisan mid-gauge, Bond"Elite"
  • 8mm fits Bond, Incredible Sweater Machine (ISM), Ulitmate Sweater Machine, EZknittr, Bond classic, etc.