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Custom Knitting Chart Service

Need a chart graphed of your favorite breed, design or logo?
 We can work with you to get the chart you need to customize your knitting project. 
You may merely request a breed or motif or I may be able to work from your photograph(s).

See below for a free sample chart of a German Shepard.


What I need to know to complete your chart...

How many stitches high and how many wide do you want your chart (is it going on a sweater? afghan? pillow?  it needs to fit within your available number of stitches) Remember, if it goes on a sweater, you may want it placed directly in the front and not starting under the armpits.
     Placement will affect the number of stitches total you will want included in your graph. 
     The finer your gauge, the more stitches you will have to work with, the more elaborate your chart can be. However for simplicity in knitting, you may want to limit your colors, which will also limit complexity.

Tell us how many colors you want to work with. 
What you want: breed of dog (or whatever) standing, sitting, full body, head only? Or perhaps you want a special motif for a holiday, a scene or a message? 



What you need to know to know....

For the $5.00 fee, 
You get your custom chart with unlimited uses, but I retain the copyright (that is, I can knit from it if I want). You may knit from this chart as many times as you want, including knitting items for sale. You may not sell or share the chart itself (except with your immediate family and best friend) 
If you wish your chart to be your exclusive property, retaining all rights, including copyright, the fee for custom charting is $10.00. 

Due to copyright respect, I can not chart copyrighted or trademarked images, such as winnie the pooh or corporate or team logos.

To order, email me with your information, I will email you back the chart and an invoice. You can pay with check, money order or paypal.