Knitted-back E-wrap Cast-on

  • animation takes a minute to loadHang hem over ravel cord (several rows of waste yarn and one row of ravel cord after hem is optional, but a good idea)
  • E-wrap around the first needle.
  • Push needle back into forward position.
  • E-wrap around second needle, bringing yarn all the way back over hook of first needle.
  • Knit back first needle, using your thumb on the butt of the needle.
  • The second needle is now the first needle.
  • Repeat sequence above.


  • This cast-on gives a nice bold, somewhat stretchy edge. I like it for socks.
  • Maintain an even tension as you wrap, you may need to give the ravel cord a tug at the beginning, and stop often to push the needle butts back firmly with your thumb while tugging down on the hem, to even up the tension of the wraps.
  • On the last needle, simply "knit back" the last loop.