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Knitting needle Cast On-If you are beginning your sock with ribbing, this makes a good stretchy edge and eliminates the use of the co comb. Use a knitting ndl that is as wide as your CO sts..Or use a piece of music wire from the hobby store. Thread the yarn through the carriage, leave carriage on left,pull out a long tail of yarn.  Hang clip on end of yarn.Push needles forward. Hold KN in right hand, under the bed needles and hold yarn in left hand.  Hook the yarn over the far right bed needle,(you do not wrap it, just hook it) letting the clip dangle. Bring the yarn down, under the KN and then up to the next bed needle, over it and down under the KN and then up and over the next bed needle and so forth.  You are not really ewrapping, more like lacing them together.  Hold the knitting needle firmly equidistant (about 3/4 inch) from the bed needles until you get across, and then you can hang your weights on either end of the knitting ndl, and one in the middle if necessary. When you are finished with your sock, remove the weights from the knitting needle and their will be loops on the needle ready for you to make a stretchy crochet or latch tool bind off.  ©Catherine Goodwin (see ©notice below)

Turning your knitting without a garter bar by Using a stiff Wire
©Rocks Springs 1999
Wires that are handy size for the knitting needle cast on or turning your work can be found in hobby stores in 3 foot lengths, you may sandpaper or grind the ends to a smooth point, or even cut them in two for more convenient lengths.There are also extra long double pointed needles that you can use for this.

I have recently begun using heavy weed-eater cord for this job, I like it because it is flexible, and you can take projects off onto the cord and put them away handily, in case of an interruption or emergency need for the bed for some other project.

Step 1, knit one row of thin, smooth, crochet thread or ravel cord. 
Step 2 Run the wire through the row of ravel cord 
stitches and push the needles forward so that stitches 
are behind latches. 
Step 3 Place carriage on other side 
of bed. 
Step 4 Lift the knitting off of the bed by holding 
the wire at either end and turn it around.
Step 5 Hold the wire just above the bed with one hand, use your other hand to push the needles forward and into the stitches of your main yarn just below your row of ravel cord. Step 6 Pull out the wire, then pull out the ravel cord, your work will be turned on the bed and the knit side will be facing you!