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Using the Adjustable Multiple Latch Tool as a Lace Transfer Tool

The transfer portion of the Adjustable Multiple Latch Tool's 6 pins can be configured to any arrangement and spacing to transfer more than one stitch from its needle onto it's adjacent needle for making lace on the knitting machine.

    Below is a photo step by step of using the transfer handle for making lace holes via the One Step Lace Transfer Technique.







Animation may take a couple minutes to load, but will begin playing automatically


Determine from your lace chart, the number and spacing of stitches that you will be transferring. Arrange the pins into the transfer handle accordingly.

Use the handle to bring forward the needles that are holding the stitches to be transferred to make the lace holes.
Hook the pins of the transfer tool over the hooks of the needles. Use thumb to move needle butts back, causing the loops of the stitches to be transferred onto the pins.



The stitches can now be slid to the base of the pins, ready for transfer.
Carry the stitches over on the transfer tool, and using your other hand to guide the needles, replace these stitches onto the adjacent needles.       
What to do with the empty needles? Ok, here is where mid-gauge machines vary. On the Lk-150 and other machines with levers, the empty needles will knit back automatically (as long as they are in WP) On the Bond,or other KP machines, however, you will have an extra step. You will need to move the empty needles into FWP (forward working position) and make sure the latches are open.

Knit across the row and you have made lace holes!