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Here is the fulled knitted saddle blanket being modeled by  Sam (a saddle mule from my past life)
As you can see, the blanket is a little smaller than average, in order to better fit under the antique southern McBride saddles that we ride our mules with. Blanket might have to be enlarged to fit under a large western saddle. The concept  is that the fulling would make it heavy enough, while the knitted structure would contour fit under the saddle better when smoothed out. (Fulling is intentionally felting the fabric after it is knitted.)
If you knit a saddle blanket like this, I sure would like hearing about how it rode. It works great on my mule, but it rides up on dh's, which might be due to the differences in how we each do our rigging, so I would like to here about how it works for you if you decide to knit one.
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Knitted, fulled dimensions 26"X29"
Yarn: 2 strands Webs 4/10 worsted wool knit as one
Machine: Bond, KP 4
Gauge: (After Fulling)   4.5 st x 7 rows
CO 117 sts, knit 203 rows total
(For stripe pattern, knit 16 rows before color patterning, begin upside down color patterning at row 156)