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Childs Pixie Bonnet  

Catherine Goodwin 1998

this simple, warm bonnet is knit on the ISM using a handspun violet dyed angora/recycled bluejean cotton blend (spun on the Pleasant spindle, plyed on a drop spindle.) The face band is knit using the garter bar, but if one did not have a garter bar and did not want to convert the knit stitches to purl, you could substitute standard, mock or shaker ribbing instead. This is sized to fit a 3 year old pixie.

  • gauge 4st/inch and 6 rows/inch
  • Keyplate 3
Cast on 55 sts
K 2 rows (turn with garter bar, or use garter wire or use the multiple adjustable latch tool....hey, its only 3 or 4 times!)
P 2 rows (turn)
K 2 rows (turn)
P 2 rows (turn)

K 18 rows
Dec (fully fashioned) 1 st at beg and end of next 19 rows, there should be approximately 19 st left, thread through and draw up these st, from this point sew down back of bonnet to point where the decreases began.
For chin strap, CO 18 sts, K2 rows, P1 row.
Transfer st #17(to right of 0) 1 st to left and st #18 one st to right to make button hole.
P 1 row, K2 rows.
Bind off, sew onto right face band of hat. Sew button onto left side of face band. Find a cold pixie and put it on her head!