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Machine Knit Moebius
©Catherine Goodwin 1998

A moebius is a geometrical figure eight shape that when you trace your finger along one edge, you never come to an knitting, it started out referring to a scarf is a circular scarf/head wrap that was made in a figure-8 and can be worn as a cowl or scarf. Since this pattern was posted, Cat Bordhi and others have taken this shape and gone in all sorts of wonderful knitting directions!

This moebius (modeled here by my mother) is knit up quickly out of cotton rayon chenille using a large gauge (keyplate 4 on the Bond, EON on the LK 150 with a large tension number) To keep the plain stockinette edges from rolling up, it is knit wide (16 in) and seamed up the side making a double layer of fabric.
Materials: 5 oz of worsted weight or sport weight cotton/rayon chenille (amounts vary with brand)
Gauge: with KP 4, 3.5 st/in--5 rows/in or on mid-gauge (like studio lk150 or brother xk350 dial 6-8) actually, all you are doing here is making a large rectangle about 58" long by 16" wide so whatever gauge/yarn you want to use to accomplish that…..
CO 56 st in waste yarn, k 4 rows, with MY knit in stockinette for 290 rows, end in four rows waste yarn.
Remove from bed
Fold in half (long sides together) and stitch up side.(ooh, you could have used my open edge latch up technique, seen here)
Bring the two open ends together, but before you stitch them together turn one end around so that the entire tube is in a figure eight shape. Remove waste yarn and graft (kitchener st.) the ends together.