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Mid Gauge  "Stays-On" Head Band  “Zig-Zag” 
©Catherine Goodwin 1999

Worsted Weight Yarn 
Fits average size head (25 inches around head band area of head) 
KP 3   Gauge: 18 stitches/4 inches 
                       22 rows/4 inches 

Notes: This headband is knit in the shape shown below and to the right (note: diagram is not in proportion) by a series of side edge increases and decreases and is folded over and seamed for a double thickness warmth. The strap portion of the back of the headband is knit in ribbing and attached at the angled sides, making the headband fit more securely over the ears without riding up. It can be quickly knit up plain, (or using two colors make it reversible) or a special motif could be designed to fit any style. 

Knitting the headband: 
{}Co 58 sts with waste yarn knit 5 rows. 
{}Change to MC, RC000, *knit 3 rows, then move needle on carriage side into forward working position with latch open* 
{}Repeat from * to * until RC reads 22 rows. (This will make a series of alternating increases on each side.) 
{}Reset RC000 
{} You will now begin the decrease side of the headband with the zig-zag motif, begin the motif on the second row while knitting the rows as follows: 
{}* knit 3 rows, decreasing the last stitch at the end of each 3rd row* (while simultaneously knitting the motif) 
{} Repeat from *to * until row counter shows 22 rows. 
{} Hang claw weights on the back-side of the knitting to hold it down and remove cast-on hem. 
{}Lift up the first row of main yarn knitting and re-hang these stitches onto the needles of the last row knitted. (This makes it folded up double,use the transfer tool to lift the stitches from the waste yarn) After these stitches are hung on the bed, remove waste yarn used for cast on. 
{}Push needles into forward working position with latches open and knit one row, loosely back-stitch bind-off. 

Knitting the neck band of the headband: 
{} Re-hang one of the slanted ends of the headband on the machine, wrong side facing you (because it is double, there will be 2 stitches on each needle.) 
{} Reset RC000. Knit 38 rows, converting to 1x2 ribbing as you go. 
{}With a threaded darning needle, draw yarn through stitches and remove from bed. Sew band onto other slanted end of headband.