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Modified Shaker Rib Dishcloth   ©Catherine Goodwin (see notice below)

This dishcloth is not particularly spectacular, but the elements of modified shaker rib border, and the stitch in the center area might be very useful applied elsewhere. The texture is interesting from the purl side, also.

Shaker rib is one of the simpler stitches that I feel gives you a lot of texture for the amount of effort. I like fooling around with variations on the shaker rib to see what will come from it, and this dischcloth is a sampler in a way for a future tank top. I thought that alternating within the columns between shaker and regular rib would give an hour glass shape, and indeed it did. The dishcloth in the picture is a rectangle, but the chart below would make a square dishcloth (I thought I was working with a full ball of cotton, not! hence it is squatter than the pattern, but it is enough to see the hourglass shaping)



Pattern for above dishcloth using Multiple Latch Tool ©Catherine Goodwin 2001 

  • Yarn: Lily "Sugar and Creme"    Bond KP 4
  • Gauge: 4 st/inch 6 rows/inch
  • With WY CO 39 st, knit 6 rows WY, knit 1 row of ravel cord.
  • With MY CO using "knitted back double ewrap CO" (or bulky CO of your choice.)
  • Knit according to chart below.  (55 rows  total)
  • Latch tool bind-off.
  • Notes: With the exception of the top and bottom borders, the chart is based on a 6 row repeat, that is, you knit 6 rows, then latch up according to the chart.
  • Set up of Multiple Latch Tool for borders is shown above                                                                    

    Set up of Multiple Latch Tool  for body of chart is shown at right