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Free Texture Pattern
Machine Knit Mock Fisherman's Sweater
This is a standard drop shoulder sweater, crew neck, wide rib bottom knit on the Bondô using KP 2.
     The yarn is a sport-weight super-wash wool (Norwegian Superwash) that is soft and springy, so holds the purl stitch patterns well.
     Mock ribbing moves up the body of the sweater, one row of reformed purl separates the body from the patterned yoke, another row of reformed before the shoulders (both rows where reformed using 5 latches, eon, in the adjustable latch tool)

Close up of yoke

The reformed stitches on this sweater where accomplished with ready ease by using the Adjustable Multiple Latch tool.

Set up for Adjustable Multiple Latch Tool  where dots represent latch needles set into tool.

Chart key  convert to purl   Fisherman rib (reform aka; latch-up, column by skipping every other ladder)