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Fish Tank Chart    Catherine Goodwin 1999

This chart is for use with the a summer tank top (the pattern is yet to be finished, and it is so late in the season now, I will probably not post it in the spring) It is knit in "denim quick" in red, with purple fish, and varigated stripes, but you sure can't tell that from the photograph. It looks lots better in real life than it does on screen. I just could not get the red, nor the purple to photograph correctly, and the varigated, which goes so cheerfully picking up the red and purple in real life, quiet frankly looks like crap in the photo...So will be working on that in the meantime. The numbers next to the chart once again represent the corresponding fair isle speed selector set. This particular chart has several lines that have two selections across one row, illustrating how  easily non-repeating shapes can be produced with the speed selectors.