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Blue Delft ( Catherine Goodwin, 2000)

This color pattern is knit across the chest of a summer sweater in Plymouths "Blu Jeans Indigo" cotton yarn. (available from Lea-Ann at Knitting Today) 

I really like this yarn (after it is knit and washed<g>) as it is so soft, and looks and feels wonderful. The dark and light blue are both this yarn. The white patterning is Des Montes (also available from Lea-Ann) it is a slightly heftier yarn, but it doesn't matter in this pattern.

I started out with the old gingham embroidery in mind when beginning this chart, but have been looking at many blue and white pottery shards from the early days of Metamora, so this is what resulted.



For the charts to print for use with the Magic Needle Selector Wand click these links:



8mm   You may have to adjust your margins as you print (.40 inch) in order to fit the chart on the page for the 8mm page.