Knitting Any Way,
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Where Knitting Is Good...any time..  any where....any hands...any fiber....any yarn... any machine...any needles...for the body and the spirit....

Spin! Knit! and Be Merry!

     Knitting Any Way is devoted to options and possibilities...I feel like there is not a "one right way" to enjoy the fiber arts and so endeavor to provide ideas and tools for explorations in spinning and hand-knitting machines, as well as patterns written in a style to afford a customizable fit, hence the name,
Knitting, Any Way.  
      I also find that for many, fiber arts are a lifeline to sanity in life's ups and downs....and in that light...and no matter what happens, you will find me.....knitting, anyway.

(or sewing or felting, or spinning, or basket-making...)


Its Back! The Magic Needle Selector Wand for mid-gauge knitting machines.


      We focus on mid-gauge and bulky (6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm and 9mm) knitting frames and machines because they handle handspun and popular hand-knitting weights of yarn beautifully. These so-called “hobby” machines (I prefer the term “Hand knitting machine") have many advantages, including light-weight portability, affordability, and a true hands-on appeal for the “fiber fondlers” among us.

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